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Who We Are

Our Philosophy of Teaching


* All students can learn math.

Your child's skill, knowledge, grades, and confidence will improve with our consistent tutoring.


 * All students should be treated with patience, kindness, and respect, regardless of their ability.  

Struggling students will eventually succeed if we let them know that we believe in them.


* Math is fun, beautiful, and interesting

We strive to go beyond simply developing skills and improving grades.  We share our love of math with our students.  Eventually the day comes when even the most reluctant student says, "You know, I'm actually starting to like math!"


* Math is useful.

We have found that students become more motivated to learn math when they understand its connection with the real world.  We use interesting examples from biology, chemistry, astronomy, medicine, business, and everyday life to increase the student's desire to learn.


* Studying math deepens a student's reasoning ability.

Math teaches students to think logically, using a step-by-step method. This clear type of thinking helps students succeed in all of their classes, not just in their math class.


Subjects We Teach

The subjects we teach include:

         Pre-Algebra           Algebra
         Geometry           Trigonometry
         Pre-Calculus           Calculus
         Probability           Statistics

         SAT Prep

          AP Prep

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Appointments are available days, evenings, and weekends.

Please call 908-603-7236 for an appointment.


Contact Us

Please call 908-603-7236


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